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The A R Young Company

In 1929 A. R. Young started a company to be a factory agent representing high quality manufacturers.  In 1948 the company was incorporated and built an office and fabrication shop in the current location.  In the new building they started building and designing specialty equipment in addition to representing an expanding list of manufacturers.  Somewhere in the late 60’s or early 70’s it was decided to switch from being a factory representative to a distributor and ramp down the inhouse fabrication.

Today A R Young Company is a family owned business and a distributor for high quality manufacturers.  The basic principles have remained steady: represent / distribute quality products, know the products well and help the customer improve their machinery.  The products themselves have changed drastically but our commitment to our customers remains.

Some interesting things about us

  • The longest relationship with a supplier is the Reeves pulley company.  If you are interested in automobiles and specifically the “new” CVT transmissions that have been appearing in the last several years –  Reeves invented the variable speed transmission for industry (1879) and also put it in a Reeves manufactured auto in 1896.   Reeves was purchased by Dodge which was purchased by Reliance which was purchased by Baldor.  Eventually Reeves was spun off  and sold to Master PT.

  • A R Young Company may have made the first treadmill used for a cardiac stress test.  Over the years A R Young Company made treadmills for universities, hospitals, and the US government for use in testing.  Besides a normal treadmill there were ladder treadmills (for testing firefighter equipment), treadmills for dogs and one for a horse.  ARY stopped making them in the 1960’s or early 70’s. In the last decade we’ve heard from two people who still have and use our treadmills.  One is at IU somewhere in their SPH (HPER) group – it was still working just fine they just wanted to operate it in reverse.  One is in the basement a hospital in Sacramento, CA and the guy who worked there called just to see if we were still in business.  Just in case something ever went wrong.  He said it wasn’t used often but was used to give the Sacramento Kings their physical every year because it was rugged enough to handle the abuse of professional basketball players.  Why did we quit making treadmills?

  • Over the years we’ve worked with a lot of inventors.  Some of them smart, some crazy, some made us nervous, some forgot to pay us, and some were successful.  Just about all of them were interesting.  In most cases they would call with an idea we’d figure out how to make their ideas move.

  • Through the years various family members have joined and left the company.  If you are familiar with A R Young you may remember Bob Young, Tom Young, Robin Young, John Young, Libby Young, Ricki Whitcomb (Young) – lots of Young’s over the years. Currently there’s Karen Sipe (who was Karen Young) and Nick Young.

A R Young Board of Directors Meeting - ARY Industrial Distributor, Indiana

A R Young Board of Directors Meeting