VRC – Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

This one is a simpler version of the VRC

Operation:  An operator loads a skid of material onto an infeed conveyor.  The infeed conveyor feeds into a section of conveyor that is part of the VRC.  The VRC lifts 4500 lbs (conveyor and payload) 28 feet at 54 FPM to the outfeed level.  The conveyor on the VRC is turned on and the skid moves onto the outfeed conveyor towards the rest of the system.

Main PLC controls most of the plant including the infeed and outfeed section connected to the VRC.  The Lenze 8400 drive controls the position of the VRC in automatic mode, manual jog mode and interlocks with overtravel limit switches.  The Lenze drive receives commands and sends status and position to the main AB PLC via Ethernet IP.  For this project the OEM did not have in house electrical engineering.  ARY programmed the VRC, provided a wiring diagram, had the panel built (by one of our long time customers) and provided onsite startup assistance.

Homing offset and target position are easily adjustable via the keypad mounted to the Lenze 8400 drive.


  • SIBA fuses

  • Lenze 8400 Highline inverter

  • Leeson inverter duty motor

  • Nexen Eclipse Servo brake double C-face brake

  • Avtron encoder

  • Nord Clincher gearbox

  • Dodge S2000 bearings

  • Roller chain and sprockets

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