Sludge dewatering tank

Our customer approached us with a concept for a sewage sludge dewatering tank that was faster and more economical than what the industry had to offer. All they needed was a drive package that could turn a 4-ton stainless steel drum with approximately 18-25 thousand gallons of liquid raw sewage, that when dried, becomes 4-7 tons of dried material. To further the challenge, the drum must turn at a slow speed of 2 revolutions per hour, and all this must be done with 120V single phase power.

Our Solution

  • Nord Gear Clincher gear motor with a ¼ hp motor and a 4164.86:1 ratio, 0.42 rpm output.

  • Lenze SMV Series variable frequency drive with 120V input and NEMA 4X enclosure

  • A custom made segmented rim sprocket and drive sprocket designed by Brewton Iron Works that provided an additional 12:1 reduction in speed.

  • MXS1031 Roller Chain

This combination allowed the drum to turn at speeds as low as 0.006 rpm and maintain enough torque to rotate the drum under the changing load conditions.

The first prototype was completed in 2008, and the current model is now in operation throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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